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About us

JRBiomedical Ltd is a British medical company developing and distributing diagnostic tests to hospital laboratories, pharmacies and retail chains including Boots and Kiddicare. Our expertise in medical diagnostics goes back over 25 years with the development of tests for hospital research into the study of the triggers of asthma and eczema. In 2012, JRBiomedical launched a new service for university researchers and NHS laboratories to access innovative and affordable medical tests online www.immunoassay.co.uk such laboratory ELISA kits or point-of care kits being used in the hospital laboratory and intensive care units respectively.

Meningitis and septicaemia can kill or seriously harm within hours. Acting quickly to get medical help can mean the difference between life and death. Infants, young children, teenagers and young adults are groups who have a high risk of contracting meningitis and septicaemia but the disease can strike at any age. A quick diagnosis is essential. The Meningitis Early Alert Pack provides you with the basic information you need to help recognise the symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia.

The Arc is a registered medical device. Information about the disease has been provided to help parents and health care professionals quickly identify whether a rash could be a sign of meningitis and septicaemia. We have worked closely with meningitis experts and advisors to make sure that the Arc and the information provided here is accurate, relevant and easy to use. The Arc is made from high quality materials which are resistant to breaking during normal use. Printed on the Arc are the most frequent signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia as well as an illustration of what the rash may look like.

A rash that doesn't fade under pressure will still be visible when the Arc is pressed firmly against the skin. The Arc also shows what the rash may look like - check the rash in this way every 15 minutes. The rash may be scanty or abundant. As it develops, it can look like large, dark bruises.

The Arc Meningitis Early Alert Pack was completely redesigned in 2012 and now, as well as the Arc device, the pack also includes a reusable forehead thermometer so that you can monitor your child’s fever and also a fever and medication chart which will help you keep track of which medicines you have given your child, how often and whether your child’s temperature and other symptoms are under control.

The ‘Arc’ at the Science Museum, London

You can see the original ‘Arc pack’ exhibited as part of the collection of the history of medicine for 2009 at the Science Museum website. The original product did not have the forehead thermometer or the symptoms and medication chart that is found in the new product launched in 2013 through Kiddicare.