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The Meningitis Early Alert Pack

Originally an idea from family doctors to help parents quickly identify the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia, the Arc Meningitis Early Alert Pack was redesigned in 2012 to provide parents with a simple device to reliably replicate the tumbler test in confidence together with a forehead thermometer and simple chart to monitor your child’s fever and medication.

Reusable device to help you identify the rash associated with meningitis and septicaemia

Reusable forehead thermometer

Fever and medication chart to help you monitor your child’s illness

In an independent survey, mums with babies and young children rated the Arc pack with an overall of five out of five for;

What doctors say...

“The Meningitis Arc is a very useful tool for anyone concerned about the onset of meningitis and particularly for parents of unwell children.

In meningitis, early diagnosis and treatment is crucial and I welcome anything that encourages recognition of all the many other signs and symptoms. The Arc has the potential to be a simple but effective aid for prompt recognition of the condition.” Consultant Paediatrician, Chester,UK.

What mums say...

"A must have… Many of us mums worry when our little ones develop a rash and this kit could help to put minds at rest or determine whether anything more serious could be wrong and help could be sought faster"

"Brilliant... What a great idea. Very simple to use and has really clear instructions on what to look out for. I feel this is a definite must for all parents "

"Great product… The Arc pack is a brilliant idea, it is very easy to use with easy to follow instructions"

"Unique… Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! How no-one managed to come up with this simple but effective piece of kit before I'll never know!"

"OMG this is Brilliant!!!... I think it is great and a definite must for every family"

Arc Meningitis Early Alert Pack

Where to get your pack

The Meningitis Early Alert Pack is available from pharmacies and baby product retailers including Boots or you can order online direct from the manufacturer at Health Check Shop®.

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